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Education Solutions CIC is a part of The Community Empowerment Co-operative Consortium


The Community Empowerment Co-operative Consortium

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About the Community Empowerment Co-operative Consortium
The Community Empowerment Co-operative Consortium consists of the charity (Community Empowerment Limited) and other not-for-profit organisations, collectively delivering a range of support and training for co-operatives, social enterprises and charities within the UK and for schools & colleges throughout the European Union.

We give people the tools to take control of their future and that of their communities.

We champion mutual self-help i.e. people supporting each other to achieve shared aims. We help people to improve their employability. We offer a range of courses for those wishing to improve their professional skills and career opportunities.

Our courses for E.U. students include an introduction to the UK marketplace, whether for potential employment within the UK, or employment in other E.U. countries that trade with the UK.


This course is designed for young people to enable them to experience and improve their skills of participation and contribution to team projects.

Our training will include proven exercises designed for demonstrating the advantages of team work. Apart from the experiential learning, students will also learn the theories behind co-operative behaviour and how it can offer potential solutions to challenges.

All exercises will be supplied by our experienced educators, who will be overlooking the learning process and support participants in their educational goals.


Practical experience of building teams and applying team work and


Ability to transfer experience to new challenges.

Understanding of the value of co-operation.



Dates and times

All year

Sample content

Practical project-based training is an extensive part of this course. Participants will work mainly in teams to experience co-operative learning, although individuals will also be set challenges in order to encourage self-awareness. Individuals will experience the power of ‘challenge’ as a motivational force.


Co-operative problem solving.

Co-operative games as training aids.

Challenge versus competition as motivational forces.

Opportunities for individuals to lead teams.

Taught units exploring the development and practical application of co-operation.


UK based organisations:

The Community Empowerment Co-operative Consortium
113-115 Commercial Road, Portsmouth, PO1 1BU
Tel: 02392178483

EU based organisations:

Tellus Education Group
Swarthmore Adult Education Centre
78 Mutley Plain, Plymouth, Devon PL4 6LF
Tel: 08709033007

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