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Allocate funding towards community economic development.

Aim to retain wealth by supporting mutual-self-help where communities can meet their identified needs without losing wealth to outside providers.

A great deal of community wealth is lost where outside providers 'sell solutions' (goods or services). Such 'leech' providers control what is available and at what price, often profiting not only from local consumers but also from the local workforce.

 Missed opportunities as funding directed towards dependency support.

A great deal of potential community development is missed because of funding being directed to organisations that specialise in the 'doing it for you' approach. Financial support for Charity and Voluntary Organisations IS of course needed but funders should recognise that is very different from supporting community economic development.

If you wish to create resilience and community empowerment then you should ensure that some of your funding is directed towards organisations that support community economic development, community enterprise and empowerment. 

Funding for community support should be separated into budgets for support organisations that specialise in the voluntary and 'doing it for them' approach and those that specialise in developing resilient communities through social enterprise and mutual self help.

Remember the  saying.. 

'If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. But if you teach a man to fish you will feed him for a lifetime.'

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Please Note: We are specialists in Community Economic Development.

We do NOT offer infrastructure services for the voluntary or none-trading charity sector, these are different specialisms.