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Community Resilience.


There are other advantages to Co-operatives as participation gives a degree of control and encourages responsibility. In turn these improve confidence.

For all of these advantageous reasons, we would encourage, wherever practical, that those engaged in the governance of CIC type social enterprises give full consideration to conversion to a Co-operative CIC when the circumstances are right.

Wherever the aim is to improve community empowerment, increase confidence and genuinely involve communities in understanding and

solving their problems, Co-operatives should be recognised as the preferred alternative to the 'doing it for them' approach which  perpetuates .dependency.

For the above reasons we continue to encourage Central Government, Local Authorities and other support funders to engage with and commission support from organisations that specialise in developing and supporting social enterprises, especially Co-operatives. 

In mid-southern England this would be Community Empowerment Ltd and its partner organisations but if you submit our enquiry form from another region we will happily pass it on for you.

CONTACT an experienced Co-op Development Consultant.